Pain Management Does Not Need To Be Painful

  • Discover chronic pain conditions faster
  • Easily find alternative treatments that are right for you
  • Communicate with your care provider quickly and effectively
  • Get the most out of your appointments

Now imagine you could do this all through your mobile phone. That is our vision for the future of chronic pain management and My Pain Sensei.

Give your care provider all the information they need

The World’s Smartest Pain Report gets you actionable results in record time.

Discover medical insights into your chronic pain with the help of a smart AI-assistant and share them effortlessly with your care provider.

We work with leading pain physicians to create a report that tells your story in a way that physicians trust and find easy to use.

How do we do it?

We start by helping identify your potential conditions with our Quick Assessment and Sensei as your guide. After that, we encourage you to use our comprehensive Monthly Assessment with Daily Check-ins to validate and refine your results and create a detailed and multi-dimensional Pain Report that contains everything you and your care provider need.


My Pain Sensei is a complete system to understand, manage, and communicate your chronic pain.

Quick Assessment

Get assessed by an artificially intelligent assistant in under 5-minutes and start building your pain report.

Pain Report

Use your detailed pain report to understand and communicate your condition to your care provider.

Launching Soon

Monthly Assessments

A quick Daily Check-in feeds the system with more detailed insight into your potential conditions and tracks patterns.

Alternative Therapies

A huge library of clinically validated alternative therapies that is constantly being updated with new research and findings.

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