We are on a mission to reduce the world’s pain

We realize that is a bold statement.

But that is really what we are trying to do.

Chronic pain is the “invisible disability” and it affects millions of people across the globe and this is where we want to make a meaningful impact.

We believe we can combine the power of mobile devices, artificial intelligence and our passion for helping chronic pain patients to affect massive change. We are on a mission to help improve the way pain sufferers and care providers assess, treat and manage the chronic pain—and do it all while reducing their dependence on opioids. By doing this, we believe we will be able to achieve a measurable drop in the world’s overall level of pain.

We know your next question: “Why do you think you can do it?”

Why us?

We are a diverse team of experts with one common goal; we want to help patients and their care providers assess, treat and manage their chronic pain as quickly as possible. We have a deep expertise in health care, chronic pain care, and product development. Our goal is to use all of our experience to build the best solution possible.