A Revolutionary Chronic Pain Coach In Your Pocket

Tired of being ignored? Our AI-powered smart assistant Sensei is always there to listen and get results fast.

Pain management does not need to be painful

A really smart assistant that is always there to help

Let’s face it. Your Care Provider isn’t always a Pain Specialist and even if they are, chronic pain diagnosis is complex.

With our cutting-edge AI assistant, Sensei, you’ll learn more about your condition and be able to share the results with your own Care Provider.

Quickly get assessed for your specific chronic pain

Zeroing in on the right condition is a bit like detective work. And like any good detective, we ask the right questions at the right time. Sensei is also constantly learning and getting better results with valuable insights.

Get insightful results in weeks not years

We’re building the world’s most comprehensive pain report that will help arm your care providers with the data and insights needed for a more accurate diagnosis.

Launching Soon

The most comprehensive validated alternative treatment library

We’re on a mission to help reduce the worlds pain. Once we have an idea of your likely conditions we recommend clinically proven alternative treatments so you can find out what might work and what doesn’t.

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